21Duel Blackjack

This is a simple variant of the standard Blackjack game where the player cannot split, double down, take out ‘insurance’ or even aim to achieve the pure ‘Blackjack’ which is with a hand of only two cards adding up to 21. In this version, the aim is to beat the dealer by getting as close to the number 21 as possible and before the cards are dealt the player makes the first bet.


How the game is played

The dealer is dealt 2 cards face down and the player a face up card and a face down card initially with two community cards laid out face up which can be used by the player and the dealer.

The player can decide at this early stage to fold and lose the ante bet or place a bet equal to the ante bet selecting one of the community cards to go with the card that is face up. At this critical stage the player needs to decide whether to stand and not use the face down card or to hit and turn over the face down card risking going bust as he may go over the number 21.

Assuming that the player does not bust, it is now for the dealer to turn over one face down card and choose one of the two community cards. The dealer will not qualify if the total of the two cards is less than 13 meaning that the ante bet is paid out to the player with even odds and the second bet is pushed.

In the event of the dealers hand exceeding 13, the hands are compared and the hand with the total closest to 21 is the winner collecting both bets with even odds. If both hands are the same it is treated as a tie which is called a push.


Optional 2 Up Side Bet

There is the possibility of taking out a 2 Up Side Bet before the player has been dealt his 2 cards initially and the community cards have been placed on the table. If the player sees a pair amongst the up card and the community cards he gets paid out at 3-1 and at 20-1 if the 3 cards make a ‘three of a kind’.