Atlantic City Blackjack Rules

There is one specific point in Atlantic City Blackjack that stands out from the standard Blackjack rules and that is the rule permitting the player to forfeit half his bet after the dealer has checked to see if he has a Blackjack in what is called a late surrender. The player stops playing in that hand and waits for the next hand to be dealt if he so wishes.

The late surrender strategy is to lower the house advantage in the hand and should be used carefully in a few situations only. When the player has 16 points and the dealer holds a 9, 10 or 11 then surrender is a way to save half your wager, similarly if you have 15 points and the dealer holds a 10. It is a bad strategy to surrender in every seemingly difficult situation.


Atlantic City is played with 8 decks

Atlantic City Blackjack is always played with 8 decks of 52 cards and players are permitted to split their hands just 3 times, effectively playing 4 hands maximum. Each split requires the player to put an additional bet on the new hand.

Aces are allowed to be split once and after the split only one more card can be dealt to the hand with a split Ace. If that next card happens to be a 10 it will not be considered a Blackjack hand where the bet is normally settled at odds of 3-2 in Atlantic City Blackjack but as a simple 21 total which receives even odds on the bet.

To split a hand you must have pairs of numbers with the same value including two 10s, however it is ill advised to split a hand with a pair of 10s in Atlantic City Blackjack as you are very close to your target of 21. When you have a pair of Aces it is definitely advisable to split them on every occasion.


About Doubling Down in Atlantic City

Doubling down after you have been dealt the first two cards in a hand means that you have decided to place another bet equal in size to the first and you receive another card immediately.

This is a strategy that should be used with care as not every hand will be suitable for doubling down and you could lose money for a bad decision. A general guide is to double down when you have 11 in your hand and a good possibility of winning and also if you have a pair of fives… unless the dealer holds an Ace or a 10.

When you have played your hand the dealer will take his turn. If he holds up to 17 points in his hand he will stand, however the dealer will peek to see his hole card when he holds a 10 or an Ace as it would result in a Blackjack win for him.