Blackjack strategy charts

Blackjack is a beautiful game and a lot of fun, whether you’re at the casino with a cocktail or at home with a cup of tea, but it is sometimes easy to forget that there is a strategic element. Unlike some other card games, poker for example, which has a myriad of different decisions, there are less choices to make in blackjack which makes it easier to get them right, providing that you know what to do!

What Are Blackjack Strategy Charts?

Easily found online there are charts for every blackjack variant you could ask for and for any number of decks that might be in play. This is important because the odds of each hand that you get, and that the dealer gets, as well as your odds against the dealer will vary between the different types of blackjack. The chart will show every possible hand that can be dealt and every hand the dealer can receive too and what the best course of action to take would be.

Before long you’ll find that the information sticks in your head and you’ll need to refer to the charts less and less. An advantage to online gaming is that you can play on your own if you want to. At a bricks and mortar casino there is the social side of things to enjoy of course but with that comes a reliance that the other players are on your wavelength. If you’ve played live and made the right decisions the game can be undone for everyone if a player doesn’t split their aces, or doesn’t hit when they should, or horror of horrors they hit on 20.

Some online sites are even kind enough to have the auto-play feature follow these charts so you can even set it going on your lunchbreak and hopefully come back the richer for it. This is also handy if you’re clearing a bonus as you can set up the correct number of games required to achieve the required turnover.

Why Use Blackjack Strategy Charts?

If you don’t know about not hitting on 20 then the charts are just for you! Statistically the game will pay out less cash than is taken in, casinos aren’t charities after all, but that doesn’t mean that the next Vegas attraction has to be built from your contributions. You can leave the table a winner providing that you literally play your cards right, and the game correctly, and that is where blackjack strategy charts come in.

An example of this is surrender blackjack. In surrender blackjack if you don’t like your chances of winning the hand you can simply give it up at the cost of half your bet. The exact situations where this is advisable will be clear to read on your chart, as long as you are using a chart specific to this game.

Another bonus of trying it out online is that, as long as you’re not on a live dealer game, you don’t really have any time restraints to prevent you from checking this information out before you decide. Just select the chart, look up your particular situation and bet and play accordingly.

Even for the experienced player some strategies might surprise you. Standing on 18 would seem obvious but hitting with an 18 comprised of Ace Seven may not seem quite so clear even though it is statistically the correct way to play. There are a number of grey areas that the charts cover and take the strain for you.

You are not guaranteed to win but then again nobody is. What you will be doing by using the charts is giving yourself the very best chance to come away a winner and you can’t ask for much more than that.