Blackjack Surrender Strategy

Blackjack Surrender follows the rules of a standard Blackjack game however it is a variant that is offered by many casinos as it is very profitable for them to do so with so many Blackjack players resorting to the option of surrendering their hand and forfeiting half their bet rather than continue with their hand to what they perceive to be the bitter end.

Surrender is something that a player should do when the cards are definitely unfavorable and should not to be done lightly as is done by players who are ignorant of the correct strategy when playing Blackjack.


When should you Surrender?

A player should only surrender when he sees that the dealer is showing 9s, 10s or Aces and he himself has a hard sixteen. Also when the dealer is showing tens or Aces and the player has 15 points in total.

This means that the player’s hand does not have an Ace so he is pretty much stuck in comparison to the dealer’s hand. It is not a good idea to surrender in any other circumstances according to the advice of top Blackjack strategists who have years of experience playing the game.

Of course it can be said that applying strategy rules that are strict is not a perfect solution however it does help a lot of the time and gambling does have the element of chance which is what makes it so exciting.