Blackjack Switch Rules

Blackjack Switch is a recent invention that follows the conventional rules of Blackjack with a few adjustments. It has been around since it was presented to the public in the Las Vegas G2E conference in the year 2000 by its creator Geoff Hall, who is said to have been extremely frustrated at having been dealt 2 weak hands during games of Blackjack.

He was seeking a way to optimize at least one hand by dealing 2 sets of hands to each player at once, and allowing the second card dealt to each hand to be swapped immediately to strengthen one of the hands.


22 total and not go bust

The players are required to wager equally on each hand and because the possibility of a player winning is enhanced, the players must accept that the dealer can have a 22 total and not go bust but declare a ‘Push’ ( or tie) with the surviving player in that hand.

The dealer normally asks for another card which is termed ‘hit’ when he has a soft 17(An Ace as one of his cards which can have a value of 1 or 11) and is allowed to peek at the face down card when he is showing a 10 or Ace.

Furthermore, the odds for bets are reduced from the usual 3-1 for a Natural Blackjack to just 1-1 reducing the amount that a player can win on each hand. The game is played with 6 or 8 packs of 52 cards and when a player carries out a Switch and gets a Blackjack it is counted as a 21 and not as a natural Blackjack.

Players are permitted to double on any 2 cards during the game of Blackjack Switch even after switching cards and as with conventional Blackjack splitting and re-splitting is permitted up to 4 hands.  Players need to consider each switch carefully and seek to make one hand as strong as possible when deciding to switch.


Super Match side bets

Typically side bets called ‘Super Match’ are offered for players who opt to play Blackjack Switch where 4 of a kind, 3 of a kind, 2 pairs and a pair are rewarded with varying odds of up to 40-1 if these cards appear in the first 4 cards received when the 2 hands are dealt.

The Super Match side bets are a very nice sweetener in this game and make it very attractive to players looking for something a little different from the standard game of Blackjack. Look for the casinos that offer Blackjack Switch through our link below and get started as fast as possible.