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Are you using strategy to win?

Blackjack is one of the most exciting games there is. It can be learned quickly but if want to master the game, you will need to invest some time and effort in order to advance your game strategy. The good news is that once you’ve gained knowledge there are possible tips and strategies that can make you a pro.


It really sounds more complicated than it is. If you want to master the art of card counting, you can start at home. Admittedly, it might help if you are genius but if you are not, practise makes perfect. Shuffle the deck and then count through the entire thing. If you end on the appropriate number for a unbalanced system and on 0 for a balanced system, you are well on your way to become a pro in card counting.


While card counting is believed to be the most successful strategy, there are other methods that can be more advantageous. Many players use betting systems like the Martingale system. In this system bets are doubled when a hand is lost. There are also players that believe in a bet everything strategy but you must keep in mind that you will either make a huge win or a huge loss.


When playing live blackjack at an online casino, you will have the opportunity to play against real people, with a live dealer. Players have used the ”tells” strategy for many years and it can be very beneficial if you understand it. A tell is non-verbal communication like body signals, gestures and facial expression. If you learn how to recognise the dealer and player tells, you will be able to use it to gain a massive advantage.

More information with Strategy when possible surrender.

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If you’ve been playing at an online casino recently, you surely noticed all the free bonuses that are on offer. It is a marketing strategy used by online casinos to get you to try them out. There is no catch to it. The competition is strong so promos are more. And you should take full advantage of it.


There are a number of free bonuses out there and all of them give you the chance to walk away with remarkable sums of cash. After signing up at an online casino, the free money/spins will either automatically be loaded to your wallet or you will need to confirm via email, but it is generally quite simple.

  • No Deposit Bonus

When signing up, you will receive money for free to play with. It is brilliant way to check out a new casino or game without spending any money. Sometimes you might be restricted to certain games, so make sure which games are available with the bonus before you choose a casino to play at.

  • Free Spins Bonus

It is the same as a no deposit bonus but with the free spins bonus you will receive free spins. This is the most popular bonus offered by casinos and give players the opportunity to win some real money that will boost the bankroll.

  • Match Bonus

This bonus can get you a lot of money for free. The online casino will give you a percentage of the amount of money you deposit for free. For example: If the online casino offers a 100% match bonus and you deposit $100, you will automatically receive $100 free money to play with, which will give your bankroll a very healthy start at $200. The more you deposit the more free money you will receive.

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Experience Quality Entertainment at William Hill Casino

William Hill Casino is an impressive and reliable online venue that has been functioning successfully since the very beginning of the gaming revolution on the internet in 1998. William Hill is a very well known brand all over the globe starting out as a sports betting service on the high street in many big towns in the UK. It was a natural and obvious step for the William Hill company to take when the internet made gambling online possible and safe. Technology has improved in leaps and bounds since the first online casinos were launched. William Hill Casino has kept up with the changes and has a marvellous range of games powered by the famous games designer PlayTech.

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William Hill Casino is Enduring

Since its launch, William Hill Casino has seen many competing venues on the internet come and go. However, the solid reputation founded on integrity and fast payouts as well as fantastic online security ensures that William Hill Casino will be around for a very long time yet and with its business expanding at the rate of knots it is gaining customers rapidly from all over the globe.

William Hill Casino offers a superb suite of casino games from the massive Playtech portfolio that have made PlayTech a much admired developer of gaming software. The software is smooth, easy to handle and gives players exceptional graphic animations, realistic and distinct presentation and marvellous sound effects which are authentic bringing the games to life especially in the case of the highly animated video slots. The games are regularly revised and upgraded to reflect the advances in technology and to demonstrate a higher level of interactivity that is expected by customers. Players want to be engaged and immersed in the games as much as possible experiencing a level of entertainment that is close to live entertainment as possible. Live casino gaming is now an option with interactive web cam connections at William Hill Casino. It’s the next best thing to going physically to a ground based casino and a very sociable experience.

Progressive Jackpots Galore!

William Hill Casino offers around 20 progressive jackpots on various types of games including video slots of the most exciting sort. The jackpots are seeded by PlayTech with a minimum amount of money indicated in the game that keeps the game very attractive. The progressive  jackpot grows rapidly as it is added to casino wide by players enjoying the same game with a similar passion to win. With one lucky strike a player somewhere wins the whole pot and the jackpot is re-seeded and everything starts again. Players only wager a tiny percentage of their bet each time they play so they don’t notice the contribution that they are making to the progressive jackpot. When players all over the world are playing the game you can watch the ticker turning and the amount growing in front of your eyes!

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EuroGrand Casino Offers Rich Blackjack Variety

EuroGrand Casino2

EuroGrand Casino has an exceptionally varied selection of Blackjack games in the venue making it the perfect casino for Blackjack enthusiasts. Choose the Classic Blackjack game or opt for Blackjack Surrender where you can surrender your hand and have half of your stake returned to you if you feel that you will lose against the dealer. Pontoon is another type of Blackjack for players who love the ‘English’ version of the game. Just learn a few more rules at EuroGrand Casino and you will be thrilled with this game. Blackjack Switch and Blackjack UK are two more fabulous options at EuroGrand and if your ‘thing’ is Live Blackjack just enter into the live venue at EuroGrand and chat to the live dealers through the interactive web cam.

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Play Blackjack at EuroGrand Casino

Online casinos such as EuroGrand typically utilize between 4 and 8 decks of 52 cards to play the game of Blackjack and the cards are shuffled after every hand by the random number generator which is the ‘dealer’. The Random Number Generator is checked very regularly by an independent auditor of very high repute to ensure that the numbers generated are truly random. The reports are always open to inspection by members of the public showing that EuroGrand complies with the law at all levels. EuroGrand is a part of the William Hill Group of companies and is proud to be linked to the iconic brand name known all over the globe for its reliability and transparency.

Learn Blackjack Strategy to Increase Winning Chances

Playing Blackjack in an online casino venue requires more attention to strategy with each and every hand as there is no scope for card counting or shuffle tracking as there is in bricks and mortar casinos. In fact it was the card counting ‘revolution’ that became famous with the publishing of specialist books by various mathematical geniuses that alerted bricks and mortar casinos to the issue of card counting during Blackjack. The books reportedly explained to potential Blackjack players about memorizing cards left in the dealer’s ‘shoe’ which is the card holder at the table, as cards were being dealt by the dealer in the game.

Today there are up to 8 decks used at the Blackjack tables in ground based casinos and a plastic blank card is slotted in well before the end of the available cards in the shoe. The concept of introducing a blank card is to signal to the dealer that it is time to shuffle again, confusing and confounding those players who attempt to count cards for the purposes of beating the dealer in a ‘dishonest’ way.

Choose EuroGrand: A Reputable Online Casino

EuroGrand Casino values its excellent reputation for fairness and enjoys a reputation for excellence in the online casino industry. With card counting not possible in any way online it is up to the player to adopt strategic tactics in order to improve his or her chances of winning against the dealer in the attempt to reach the number 21. The big question that must be asked each time is whether to hit, stand, double down or split after each hand is dealt and the decision is based on knowing which cards signal the right moves.

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Look Out for Superb Promotions at BetVictor Casino



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* New customers are given a superb welcome offer of up to £175 in real cash


BetVictor Casino is a vibrant venue which is very big on promotions and they are constantly changing with new ‘specials’ replacing the previous ones randomly keeping the players ‘on their toes’.

It’s really worth logging on to the website daily to see what is going on in the venue and ensure that you don’t miss out on a brilliant opportunity to take part in a promotional offer which can be in a variety of forms.

Every day of the week has a promo theme where the most popular video slot game that has the chosen theme is featured in that day’s promotion. Look out for the Sci-fi Saturdays offer which gives players who wager £25 on the video slot ‘Subtopia’ an instant £10 bonus in addition to any winnings of course.

The bonus needs to be used on the Subtopia slot and the bonus amount played through 30 times before the cash can be withdrawn from the customer account which is a normal requirement with online casinos.


Give Subtobia a spin!

The 5 reel 24 payline ‘Subtobia’ game is highly entertaining with an underwater theme along the lines of ‘20,000 Leagues under the sea’ written by Jules Verne boasting amazing graphic animations and superb sound effects.

What makes it especially attractive are the Random Multiplier that features in the main game and the Free Spins ‘Multiplier Metre Feature which becomes more rewarding the deeper you descend into the ocean with the submarine.

The promotion is available for players who are using the desk top computer and players who prefer to play on a mobile device.

The ‘Serene Sunday’ promo is a similar offer where you get a £10 bonus when you wager £25 on the ‘Lucky Angler’ slot game with the arctic fishing theme whether you play on your desktop or mobile device. Ice fishing is a pastime for patient players but the rewards are massive when you get lucky which is potentially very often as the win lines don’t only pay out from left to right but from right to left as well!

Free spins and multipliers will see your rewards grow enormously as you watch those fish being reeled in from under the translucent blue ice.


Claim a Massive Welcome Bonus of Real Cash

After the calm of ‘Serene Sunday’ it’s time for some hocus pocus on ‘Magic Monday’ with the thrilling video slot ‘Magic Portals’ where the there are two magic portals that transport the players into a mystical fantasy world of witches and wizards. The rewards are huge when you get the winning combinations helped along by the Wilds and plenty of free spins.

The promotional games that are offered every day of the week can all be played from your mobile device with the free apps available on the website and the Apple app store so download the app that suits your phone or tablet and get the most from your membership at BetVictor Casino.

New customers are given a superb welcome offer of up to £175 in real cash with full details posted on the home page which you can access immediately through the link provided.

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Tremendously Rewarding Loyalty Scheme at EuroGrand Casino

eurogrand_casinoEuroGrand Casino is a truly ‘Grand’ casino which gives you all the pleasures of a bricks and mortar casino in the total discretion and comfort of your own home from your desk top computer or on your mobile device wherever you happen to be.

You will find that that with digital technology evolving at an incredibly fast rate, the features at EuroGrand Casino are upgraded regularly ensuring that this vibrant venue remains at the cutting edge of the casino offerings online and always exceptionally attractive to the eye.

EuroGrand is one of the casinos owned by the William Hill Group of companies so when you register your account you are joining a casino operated by one of the top gaming brands in the world with all the attributes that come with that. EuroGrand Casino keeps customer’s financial details in an encrypted format ensuring total security and facilitates safe transactions for the customers through a broad range of proven methods.


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Get up to £1000 deposit bonus


 Accumulate Comp Points for Cash and Bonuses

All registered customers are invited to enroll on the reward scheme which is an integral feature of the casino which compensates players handsomely for loyalty. For every $/€/£1 wagered on the suite of games in the venue, players are awarded with one comp point which is effectively ‘cash back’ for being loyal to EuroGrand Casino. Comp points are like money and can be converted to hard cash or bonuses to use in the venue to win even more money and the rate of conversion improves with the length of time that you remain loyal to EuroGrand Casino.  Customer services can tell you through the live chat function what the rate of conversion is for your comp points and how much your ‘stash’ is worth when you decide to utilize it for your pleasure. Double comp points are awarded on specific games each month with the two games that come under the double comp points category advertised on the right hand side of the home page throughout each month.

The games chosen tend to coincide with seasonal themes such as ‘Easter Surprise’ at Easter time but also offer a non seasonal theme for the second game giving customers choice. Earning double comp points is a fabulous way to boost your rewards from EuroGrand Casino and the fact that comp points are not in any way related to winning or losing your stake on a game but only to the amount staked is great as you are always a winner no matter what. EuroGrand Customers start out with massive rewards as soon as they join the venue as there is an immediate welcome bonus that is selected personally by the new customer to suit his or her taste and anticipated level of activity in the venue. Choose to get a 25% bonus on your first deposit up to £250 or go for the high roller bonus of £1,000 which is awarded when the player deposits £4,000 the first time around.

Register your new account here and choose your welcome bonus to play with immediately.

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21Nova Casino is a Fabulously Exciting Online Venue

Blackjack fans are always looking for a great venue to play at and now you can play online at 21Nova Casino on the excellent PlayTech software which powers this eclectic casino from the WHG. William Hill is a name that has been associated with gaming and sports betting for more than half a century and with the revolutionary digitalization of all types of gambling services at the turn of this century, it is able to provide an amazing selection of entertainment products on the world wide web for the pleasure of players located all over the globe.

People who were not able to imagine the possibility of enjoying a trip to a casino can now sign up to 21Nova Casino and play on of any of the games provided in the magnificent suite from PlayTech, an industry leader in games design. The quality of the software is outstanding and is maintained and upgraded as the technology improves for an even better experience.

Choose A Blackjack Game from a Whole Selection.

Blackjack is offered in several variants by 21Nova Casino and each game comes with very understandable rules and strategic tips which are useful and should be heeded to get the most for yourself when playing. You can opt to begin with the standard Blackjack game played by millions of people daily throughout the world and move on to Blackjack Switch and Blackjack Surrender taking in the differences from the explanations posted next to each game variant.

The Blackjack surrender version is very exciting as you can judge a situation that is obviously not in your favor and cut your losses by 50% by throwing in your hand, starting afresh. Register an account at 21Nova Casino through our link below and you will be eligible to choose one of great welcome bonuses on offer to new customers.

Claim your 21Nova Casino bonus here!


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Uniquely Enjoyable Experience at Betfred Casino

betfred casino pictureBetfred Casino is an astonishing venue available 24 hours a day over the internet replicating the experience of a bricks and mortar casino without you needing to go anywhere. Sit at home comfortably with your feet up sipping on a nice ‘cuppa’ and play exactly the games you want to enjoy whenever you want to without having to pay for fancy clothes in order to attend the nearest ground based casino and cover all the other expenses that come with a fancy night out.

There are more than 200 games designed and maintained by PlayTech featured in this leading online venue with new games added regularly replacing the games which are no longer attractive to customers who are always seeking fresh and exciting experiences. Betfred Casino is very much up to the task of giving its customers a fabulous entertainment session every time they log on and has expanded the casino gaming options to include mobile casino apps for android and iOS internet enabled devices.

Featuring Sensational Live Dealers

The Live Casino venue which is available directly from the integrated gaming and sports betting platform is only one click away and does not require any player to physically leave his or her location. It is the closest thing that you can get to being present in an online casino with current technology using superb quality web cams to link up customers with the authentic live casino and the stunning dealers who are competent professionals dealing at the tables spread all around this magnificent venue. The dealer chats to you and you reply through the live chat box and you can also communicate with other players enjoying the same game as you at that table. Register an account today with Betfred Casino using our link below and get a welcome bonus of up to £200.

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Bonuses Offered On a Permanent Basis at Betfred Casino

betfred casino pictureRegister an account with Betfred Casino today through our link below and you will be astonished to see how many bonuses are available simply for depositing funds into your account. A 100% match deposit bonus is offered to all customers up to the amount of £200 when they place at least £15 the very first time in their new Betfred Casino account. The money you deposit will be doubled and you will be permitted to take the money and play with it on any game in the venue as you please. The bonus and deposit need to be rolled over at least 20 times within 14 days of getting the bonus in order that the customer can remove the cash from his or her account. This is a very low bonus requirement when compared to other online casinos where you can be asked to turn over the bonus and deposit at least 50 times.

Twice Weekly Deposit Double Ups

Once you have fulfilled the bonus conditions and are ready to deposit the next amount into your account be sure to deposit on a Tuesday where there is a match deposit bonus on offer up to £50 and again stipulate the same bonus requirements as the welcome bonus. On Saturday you are offered a bonus that doubles your deposit up to £25 so decide whether Tuesday and Saturday are the days that you boost your Betfred Casino account. There are more than 200 games to choose from so you won’t have a problem deciding what to play on to turn over the bonuses. To fulfill the bonus requirements as fast as possible it is best to choose the slots where you get the maximum contribution from your bet to the bonus wagering requirement. Register a new account now with Betfred Casino using our link below and get a welcome bonus of up to £200.

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Fabulous Welcome for Customers at 21Nova Casino

At 21Nova Casino you are made to feel like a true VIP from the minute that you set up a new account just with the massive welcome bonus that can reach the incredible sum of £3,250 spread over your first and second deposits to your new account. The play through requirement is extremely low compared to any other online casino venue with you needing to play through your bonus and deposit just 12 times to make it possible to start withdrawing cash from your account. From the moment that you begin to play on the spectacular variety of games in real money mode you are automatically registered with the CLUB21 loyalty program and will begin to earn Comp points which are worth real money at 21Nova Casino.

These comp points are the casino operators way of giving you added value as a result of playing at 21Nova Casino as they aren’t able to give you complimentary food and beverages over the internet! For every dollar, pound or euro that you wager on any of the games, you will see 4 points dropping into your Comp points account and these are converted to loyalty points which determine your status and all the additional benefits that accrue to you in the CLUB21 loyalty program.

Spoilt for Choice by the Huge Games Suite

There are plenty of games to choose from and if you feel like having a truly sociable gaming experience, you are able to select Live Casino games where you interact with the most gorgeous dealers imaginable who sit there connected to you with a web cam carrying out your instructions for the games of Casino Hold’em, Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack. Register a new account today at 21Nova Casino using our link below and choose the bonus that you would like to have as a welcome gift.

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