Double Exposure Blackjack

This is a popular variation of Blackjack where both the dealer’s cards face up just as the first two cards that the player is dealt.

For this reason the game is sometimes referred to as ‘Face Up 21’ and ‘Dealer Disclosure’, however the main rules of the game are those of classic Blackjack with a few changes to compensate for the fact that the house loses its edge with both dealer cards facing up.


The major difference

The differences in the rules are that except for when there is a natural Blackjack the dealer wins on all ties and the player may split only once.

The payout to the player is reduced with the player able to win even money for a Blackjack making it less lucrative but the number of games that the player is likely to win is greatly increased making this a rewarding game over several hands.

There are rules that may vary from casino to casino according to the policy of the house. It may be that the dealer stands or hits on a soft 17 which is where an Ace card is showing, the player is not permitted to double after splitting his cards and so forth.

It is important to read the house rules pertaining to each Blackjack game variant as there is always a difference to a certain extent.