EuroGrand Casino Offers Rich Blackjack Variety

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EuroGrand Casino has an exceptionally varied selection of Blackjack games in the venue making it the perfect casino for Blackjack enthusiasts. Choose the Classic Blackjack game or opt for Blackjack Surrender where you can surrender your hand and have half of your stake returned to you if you feel that you will lose against the dealer. Pontoon is another type of Blackjack for players who love the ‘English’ version of the game. Just learn a few more rules at EuroGrand Casino and you will be thrilled with this game. Blackjack Switch and Blackjack UK are two more fabulous options at EuroGrand and if your ‘thing’ is Live Blackjack just enter into the live venue at EuroGrand and chat to the live dealers through the interactive web cam.

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Play Blackjack at EuroGrand Casino

Online casinos such as EuroGrand typically utilize between 4 and 8 decks of 52 cards to play the game of Blackjack and the cards are shuffled after every hand by the random number generator which is the ‘dealer’. The Random Number Generator is checked very regularly by an independent auditor of very high repute to ensure that the numbers generated are truly random. The reports are always open to inspection by members of the public showing that EuroGrand complies with the law at all levels. EuroGrand is a part of the William Hill Group of companies and is proud to be linked to the iconic brand name known all over the globe for its reliability and transparency.

Learn Blackjack Strategy to Increase Winning Chances

Playing Blackjack in an online casino venue requires more attention to strategy with each and every hand as there is no scope for card counting or shuffle tracking as there is in bricks and mortar casinos. In fact it was the card counting ‘revolution’ that became famous with the publishing of specialist books by various mathematical geniuses that alerted bricks and mortar casinos to the issue of card counting during Blackjack. The books reportedly explained to potential Blackjack players about memorizing cards left in the dealer’s ‘shoe’ which is the card holder at the table, as cards were being dealt by the dealer in the game.

Today there are up to 8 decks used at the Blackjack tables in ground based casinos and a plastic blank card is slotted in well before the end of the available cards in the shoe. The concept of introducing a blank card is to signal to the dealer that it is time to shuffle again, confusing and confounding those players who attempt to count cards for the purposes of beating the dealer in a ‘dishonest’ way.

Choose EuroGrand: A Reputable Online Casino

EuroGrand Casino values its excellent reputation for fairness and enjoys a reputation for excellence in the online casino industry. With card counting not possible in any way online it is up to the player to adopt strategic tactics in order to improve his or her chances of winning against the dealer in the attempt to reach the number 21. The big question that must be asked each time is whether to hit, stand, double down or split after each hand is dealt and the decision is based on knowing which cards signal the right moves.

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