Experience Quality Entertainment at William Hill Casino

William Hill Casino is an impressive and reliable online venue that has been functioning successfully since the very beginning of the gaming revolution on the internet in 1998. William Hill is a very well known brand all over the globe starting out as a sports betting service on the high street in many big towns in the UK. It was a natural and obvious step for the William Hill company to take when the internet made gambling online possible and safe. Technology has improved in leaps and bounds since the first online casinos were launched. William Hill Casino has kept up with the changes and has a marvellous range of games powered by the famous games designer PlayTech.

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William Hill Casino is Enduring

Since its launch, William Hill Casino has seen many competing venues on the internet come and go. However, the solid reputation founded on integrity and fast payouts as well as fantastic online security ensures that William Hill Casino will be around for a very long time yet and with its business expanding at the rate of knots it is gaining customers rapidly from all over the globe.

William Hill Casino offers a superb suite of casino games from the massive Playtech portfolio that have made PlayTech a much admired developer of gaming software. The software is smooth, easy to handle and gives players exceptional graphic animations, realistic and distinct presentation and marvellous sound effects which are authentic bringing the games to life especially in the case of the highly animated video slots. The games are regularly revised and upgraded to reflect the advances in technology and to demonstrate a higher level of interactivity that is expected by customers. Players want to be engaged and immersed in the games as much as possible experiencing a level of entertainment that is close to live entertainment as possible. Live casino gaming is now an option with interactive web cam connections at William Hill Casino. It’s the next best thing to going physically to a ground based casino and a very sociable experience.

Progressive Jackpots Galore!

William Hill Casino offers around 20 progressive jackpots on various types of games including video slots of the most exciting sort. The jackpots are seeded by PlayTech with a minimum amount of money indicated in the game that keeps the game very attractive. The progressive  jackpot grows rapidly as it is added to casino wide by players enjoying the same game with a similar passion to win. With one lucky strike a player somewhere wins the whole pot and the jackpot is re-seeded and everything starts again. Players only wager a tiny percentage of their bet each time they play so they don’t notice the contribution that they are making to the progressive jackpot. When players all over the world are playing the game you can watch the ticker turning and the amount growing in front of your eyes!

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