Hall of Fame

Just as great Poker players are idolized and written about so to with Blackjack players who have written books, created new game variants and ‘proven’ methods of winning with specific strategies that are now well publicized everywhere.

Since the year 2003 a Hall of Fame has been established in the Barona Casino located in the city of San Diego in California. The most amusing part of the Hall of Fame is that the people who are honored in it are given a lifetime of all inclusive ‘stays’ at the Barona casino hotel as long as they agree never to play Blackjack at their tables!

The initial 7 inductees were elected through the internet and the vote was finalized at the Blackjack Ball in 2003 after a selection of 21 candidates was put forward in 2002. Each year at least one new member is elected at the Blackjack Ball making the annual event a popular occasion for Blackjack fans and for the experts in the field to come together for a fabulous Ball.


The first persons in the Hall of Fame

The first persons to be honored in 2002 were Al Francesco, the man who together with others came up with the concept of Blackjack teams, the mathematician Peter Griffin who wrote the ground breaking book’ The Theory of Blackjack’, Arnold Snyder who edited the Blackjack Forum and who himself was an outstanding player and Edward O. Thorpe who wrote the book ‘Beat the Dealer’ in the 1960s.

In addition to these people were Ken Uston, Stanford Wong who developed the concept of ‘Wonging’ which has proved very popular and Tommy Hyland who was the manager of the longest running Blackjack team. The list has grown substantially over the years with a lot of talented individuals contributing significantly to the development of the game especially using digital technology to create strategies and to map statistical trends.


The internet changed the game

With the internet gaming evolution it was made possible for individuals all over the globe to learn to play Blackjack online and to indulge at whatever moment they wanted to play as they were playing against the dealer and not against other players.

The dealer in an online casino, unless it is a Live Casino linked by a web cam to the player at home, is always a random number generator and it is able to function the whole year round without breaks. The casinos that are recommended on this site all have regular audits done by independent companies to verify the fairness of the RNG which is the ‘beating heart’ of the online casino.


Easy to learn the rules

Blackjack in its classic form is a simple game to learn, and appeals to all types of people, as it does not require mathematical genius and for the players who want to improve their winning chances there are strategies published on this site that advise players of how to play in given situations regarding their own cards and the cards shown by the dealer.

There are now many Blackjack variants with deeper and more complex strategies making the game more challenging and often more lucrative as there are avenues opened for side bets and insurance as well as the possibility of surrendering the cards forfeiting half of the bet made.