Sundays are Special Days for Players at PokerStars

PokerStars is renowned around the world in the poker community for its amazing Sunday Million tournament which is the highest paying online tourney scheduled on a regular basis. It guarantees a minimum of $1 million but due to the massive interest shown by players every Sunday it often exceeds $1.5 million which is an absolute dream come true for those players who finish in the money. To celebrate 100 million players, the Sunday Million tournament at PokerStars guaranteed a phenomenal $10 million for a super celebration.

However, Sundays at PokerStars are not only about the Sunday Million but a whole range of dedicated tourneys including the Sunday Warm Up which is a great preparatory tournament, getting you in the right frame of mind for the Sunday Million. Both these tournaments are played in the No Limit Texas Hold’em poker variant which is the most popular game format in the world. The Texas Hold’em Game was made known to the general public through the World Series of Poker Championship which was launched in the 1970’s in Las Vegas and became widely publicized as the competition attracted more participants as the guaranteed prize money grew.

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Enjoy the Classy Entertainment at the WSOP

Today the WSOP is the most widely and loudly celebrated live poker event on the planet attended by spectators, paparazzi, television film crews as well as players from all continents on the globe. People go to Las Vegas for the WSOP to see the action and be seen as it has taken on a very festive atmosphere with plenty of side events as well as the fabulous main event. Millions of dollars are taken away by the players who are often average people who play online poker as a casual hobby and have won all-inclusive packages to attend from online poker venues such as PokerStars.

Play in the PokerStars EPT

PokerStars organise the European Poker tour every year in live locations in European countries all over the continent. Satellite tournaments are running daily at PokerStars giving players numerous opportunities to win EPT seats for very little money. Look out for the all inclusive packages handed out throughout the year to winners of the EPT online qualifiers. The package prizes include travel expenses, hotel costs and the price of the main event buy in. You can download the PokerStars Play Along app at PokerStars to your mobile device for free and play along with all the professional players in the EPT events. You get to make your move on the app before the player does and see whether you made the right poker move. You accumulate points and can boast about your superb poker results on the PlayAlong app on the PokerStars Facebook page. The PlayAlong app is a superb piece of technology and gives PokerStars members the edge over players in other card rooms.

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