Win a Share of Massive Progressive Jackpots at Unibet Bingo

Play bingo at Unibet and you are always in with a good chance of winning a share of the  progressive jackpots networked across all five main bingo rooms.

Join Unibet Bingo on PC or download the appropriate bingo app for your mobile device to get your start up bonus of €25. The bonus is dropped into your Unibet Bingo account as  soon as you buy bingo tickets for €25 as long as it’s done within 30 days of creating a chat name in the venue.

Whether you opt to play in the ‘Arena’, ‘Podium’, ‘Grand Prix’, ‘All Stars’ or the ‘Grand Slam’ bingo rooms, every time you buy your bingo ticket a small percentage of your stake goes into one of the progressive jackpots created for that specific bingo room.


Stunning Progressive Jackpot Values

Of course the fabulous thing about progressive jackpots is that the more people join Unibet Bingo and play real money games, the bigger the size of the progressive jackpots. The Arena bingo room currently has a progressive jackpot exceeding €209,000 with the Podium progressive at over €42,000 and the Grand Prix at €53,000. The progressive jackpots are shared out amongst players who manage to ‘Bingo’ the full house within a range of 42 and 50 ball calls.

A comprehensive payout table for the 75 ball bingo game variant is available under the Bingo jackpots tab at Unibet. The percentage payouts to winning customers of the progressive jackpots depend on the type of game played and the size of the stake for each bingo ticket or strip.

A player enjoying 75 ball bingo, the most common game variant at Unibet Bingo and who gets a full house before 44 balls are called will receive 17% of the progressive jackpot multiplied by the price of the bingo ticket. To maximize the effective percentage payout,  players need to spend at least £1 on a ticket or strip which is a reasonable amount to qualify a very significant jackpot payout. But players on lower bingo budgets needn’t be disheartened as they still get a jackpot payout but a lower percentage of the total amount which is far better than nothing.

If two players happen to win at the same time under the same circumstances they simply split the money which is again no bad thing!


Fixed Jackpots at Unibet Bingo

It doesn’t matter how many times the fixed jackpots are won by customers in any of the main bingo rooms as they are always replaced by Unibet Bingo with the total amount of cash promised as the fixed jackpot value.

The fixed jackpot is won when a bingo full house is made within a specified number of ball calls. All of the money in the fixed jackpot is paid out to the winner unless the jackpot prize is described as a ‘Community Jackpot’. Everybody who bought tickets for the winning  bingo game where there is a community jackpot up for grabs gets a winning share with the player who triggered the jackpot getting the ‘lion’s share’.

Set up your online Unibet Bingo account now and go jackpot hunting with a vengeance!

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